What text should I include on my roller banner?

Putting your roller banner together can be tough if you don’t have any graphic design skills. Even if you do, once the look is coming together, what are you supposed to write on it? Here’s a quick guide to the kind of text that you should include on your roller banner.

mid range roller banner

Text you need

Let’s start with the text that you absolutely can’t miss out. This includes:

1.Your company name, potentially as a logo if the logo is easy to read

2.A short tagline about your company if your name is not self-explanatory

3.Some kind of contact information, for example a website address

There’s not much that is essential for any kind of business, no matter what it is, so these three details will suffice. You may require other information depending on your particular situation, but these are really important for everyone.

If you aren’t advertising a company, the same principles apply. For example, if your roller banners are advertising an upcoming event, you would need the name of the event, a tagline on what it is about as well as the dates, and a web address or contact details for enquiries.

Text you might add

This information might be needed and might not be, depending on your situation. If you do add any of this text, be sure to keep it short and sweet: the banner should have visual impact rather than requiring viewers to stand and read it.

1.Details of a special offer you have on now, or a code customers can use online later

2.A very brief list of your products, preferably summed up in one-word descriptors

3.Further contact details, such as your social media handles, phone number, and name of your contact

4.A physical address for your business if you deal locally – you may wish to minimise this to your town or city name rather than the full address

5.A brief, preferably one-word pull quote from a reviewer: “Outstanding” – The Daily Mail, for example


It’s better to give passers-by or viewers a reason to come talk to you than it is to overwhelm them with information. Keep the text minimal and instead use images to draw them in. This will help you to convey a message about why they should come to you. If your roll-up banner is too wordy, customers may not bother to read it at all!

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