Our different types of roll up banners

We have a full range of roll up banners here at Roller Banners Cheap, so we thought it was time to introduce the gang to you. Whatever your needs, there will absolutely be something that suits you – down to your budget, quality considerations, and the space that you have available. Here’s an overview of each banner we sell.


budget roller banner

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The budget banner is perfect for those who want a quick and easy solution to advertising, perhaps for a one-off event. It stands with two supported feet and is printed with vibrant, UV fade resistant inks at 720dpi, ensuring you high quality. We use a smooth satin PVC at 440gsm with latex inks which are waterproof and hard-wearing as well as being great for the environment. Your banner also comes hemmed and nickel eyeleted so that it will attach easily to the frame.


economy roller banne

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Our economy roller banner is for those who are getting a little more serious about promotion. It comes as a professional one-piece stand which rolls up for a great first impression. With incredible print quality at 1440dpi, and your own design printed on 150 micron light stop media, everyone will be impressed by your presentation. The surface is scuff-resistant, so you can carry it around a few shows without seeing any damage at all.

Mid Range

Mid range roller banner

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When you are ready to step things up, the mid-range roller banner is an excellent choice. It has two turn-out feet making it more stable, and it will also be easier to store for long-term use. If you are putting something inside your shop for a while, or plan to take it to lots of shows over and again, this is the quality you will need.


wide roller banner

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Our wide roller banners do just what they say on the tin. When your design and message requires a little more space, this banner does the job – and, what’s more, it will give you a lot more visual impact. 


Premium roller banner

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When nothing but the best will do, you need our premium roller banners. With the professional stand and fixed height pole, you will be easily able to put up this banner wherever you need it. It will stand the test of time with fade-resistant and scuff-resistant surfaces, and the best possible print quality. If you really need to impress your potential customers, then this is the banner that you will want to go for. The investment will be more than worth it!

All of our roll up banners include a canvas carrier to help you move them around, and your graphic printing as well as the banner unit itself are both included in the price. We offer a range of sizes, so when you are ready to order, simply click through our online system and choose the options that work best for you.

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