Newspapers are dead! Pull up banners are impacting customers

View our pull up banners

View our pull up banners

As technology advances, one thing has become clear: printed newspapers just aren’t as popular as they used to be. People don’t need to pick up an unwieldy bundle of paper, destined only to be recycled, when they can get their news online. So, what does this mean for advertising your business? Let’s take a look.

Newspaper advertisements down

One thing that is certainly clear is that newspaper advertisements are no longer worth the paper that they are printed on.

Local papers in particular have become very costly with very little reward, and when it comes to national papers, the cost can be astronomical

Finding an alternative

So, what are you going to do in order to reach new customers? Advertising online is all well and good, but it can be tricky to target the right people. If you only want locals to see the advert, you may struggle to narrow your audience down enough to make it worthwhile. Every time someone from out of town sees your online ad, it will most likely be a waste of money, as they are likely to shop closer to home. Finding customers who are local is essential, and the only way that you can do that is to target them in your local area. For that, you need to display advertisements where your customers will see them.

Pull up banners: a clear option

When it comes to grabbing attention on the street, nothing works like a pull up banner. They can be positioned outside your premises to ensure that passers-by are well aware of what you have to offer, and how it can benefit them. The same people might walk by your business every day without ever noticing it – but with a pull-up banner, they can’t help but pay attention. A bold design, professional printing job, and strong location are all essential to getting the most out of your pull up banner, which will stand proudly to usher new customers in and remind them that you have what they want or need.

Gaining new eyes

When you have a pull up banner in place, it sends a clear message to any would-be customers. It shows them what you have to offer, and makes them think about paying you a visit. If you have a particular sale or special offer on, this is a good way to spread the word and also drive foot traffic on an immediate basis. Your banner also shows that you have pride in your business, and that you go above and beyond what other independent business owners might in order to provide customers with what they want. All of these are positive signs, which are sure to have a heavy impact on your customers. They will be convinced to come and shop with you when they see the banner.

Designing your own

Great design is essential for success, so just remember to follow a few basic principles to ensure that you get those customers in through the door.

  1. First, the colours must be bold, so that they will grab the eye of anyone walking or driving by your banner.
  2. Second, you should use as few words as possible while still getting the message across – this is so that your customers don’t have a lot of text to read.
  3. Thirdly, if you wish to use an image in the background or even the foreground of your design, make sure to use a high-quality photograph so that it prints well.

EXTRA TIP: You should also consider using a human face as part of the design, as this is the number one thing that our eyes are drawn to out of all possible design elements.


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