How to take breath-taking photos for your roller banners

Taking photographs for your own banners can be a tricky business, especially if you have no photographic experience. Making them look breath-taking is very important for catching attention with your banner, but it isn’t easy to do so. Use this guide to get a good chance of doing it right.

Take high quality images

A good camera with a good lens is absolutely essential for getting an amazing photograph. It simply can’t be done with a smartphone – you need to make sure that you are using a professional DSLR. When you print up to a large size on your roller banners, every single pixel counts. You need a camera that will shoot to a large file size.


Now that you have the right equipment, get your settings right. Don’t just rely on the automatic setting, as this can cause problems. Use the shutter speed mode to set your shutter speed to 1/125 or 1/160, so that you can keep the picture steady, while the camera automatically works out the f-stop for you. You can do it in full manual mode if you understand how the camera works.

Make sure that your subject is in focus when you take the shot. With autofocus mode your camera may do this for you; however, beware that it may choose to focus on the background or another detail if you don’t pay attention.

Place your subject in an area of bright natural light ideally – this will help to light it evenly and provide an impressive look. You can achieve this by shooting next to a large window or an open door.

Compose thoughtfully

Remember that you will be using the images for your banners, which means you need to take design into account. If you place your subject off to one side, or to the top or bottom of the image, you will leave some negative space in the frame. This is essential for graphic design, as it leaves room for your text to lay over the image without competing with the main subject.

When composing, remember that you don’t need to see the whole subject. One side of a face, half a pot of food, or just the pendant of a necklace can all suggest enough that the human brain can complete the rest of the picture for you.

You can compare our roller banners to see which size works for you, and decide on the dimensions you will use for your image. Remember to use a portrait orientation and consider the cropping needed to make it fit.

Use Photoshop

Professional photographers don’t use an image which has come straight from their camera. They know that the camera isn’t perfect, and that edits need to be made in order to get it right.

Use Photoshop or a similar editing suite such as Lightroom to get your image up to scratch. Bring up the contrast and make sure that there is a good balance between light and dark using the brightness tool or the curves tool.

You can also use the vibrancy to make your colours pop more, and adjust them using the hue and saturation tools. This will help your image to stand out when people are walking by and looking at your roll-up banner.

It’s not easy to get the images right, but with a little bit of practice, you can do it. Don’t expect to get it right on your first try, but rather give it a few goes until you get an image that looks right. Over time, you will become a pro at producing those stunning images that will pull customers in.

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