How To Make Your Product Stand Out With roller banners


Roller banners are a fantastic marketing tool, if you know how to use them. They will absolutely help your product to stand out in any setting, whether as part of a shop display, at an event, or on a regular market stall. Here’s how to use them to the best effect to get people interested in your product right from the get-go.

Make your product the star

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The first thing to do is to ensure that your product is the star of your banner design. The best practice would be to have a professional image taken of your product, which can then be cut out of a white background. With this new image, you can create a design which really focuses on the product. Make sure that the name is displayed prominently, as well as some words on what it does if that point is not immediately obvious.

Using a tagline is a good way to get a message across in as few words as possible. Ensure that your contact details and company name are on the banner too, so that people can get in touch with you if they have no time to do so when they see the banner. This will help create a lasting impression of the product. The larger the image, the better – you want people to be able to see it from across the room.

Choose a view

Make sure that your roller banner is visible to as many people as possible. The best way to do this is to set it up, and then walk around as if you were a pedestrian in the area. How long are you able to see it for as you walk by? Is it ever turned the opposite way, so that you can only see the back? Are there times where you can see the side for longer than you can see the front? Use these questions to help you reposition it to the optimal location. You want passers-by to see it for as long as possible to help that product register in their minds. Especially at a busy event or market, they may have lots of other things competing for their attention. Location is very important for catching as many eyes as possible and getting people interested in your product.

Be bold

When you create your banner design, bold is always the best way to go. Bright colours are sure to catch more attention than dull or drab shades, every time. You can also go for large letters and short statements to grab the attention. Being bold shouldn’t go against your branding, however. Customers are always sure to be more impressed if they can see that your branding is consistent everywhere that you present your product. This means using the right colour scheme to match your product, but also catch the eye. It’s a delicate balance, but once you get it right, people will flock to your stand.

Remember that you can always hire a graphic designer to create a banner for you if you don’t feel confident enough in making it yourself.

Be clear

The most important thing is that anyone who sees your banner will know what your product is, and why they should want it. Don’t be afraid to leave a little mystery which might make them want to check it out, but be clear on the things they need to know. For example, you could leave a brief quote from a review about how great your product is, alongside the product name and photograph. This satisfies all three objectives: the viewer will see what your product is, what it does, and will also get a hint about why they need to check it out. They will be intrigued to see what merits such a great review! If you are using this tactic, you will get even more sales by having a sample available and someone to talk to them about the product to explain the smaller details.

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