Happy Halloween! Celebrate with customised banners

Halloween is a fantastic time of year for promotions, especially if you can find a way to tie your products or services in with this spooky holiday. Everyone is looking to have fun, decorate, and get into the spirit of the haunted night, which means opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Here’s a few ways you can take advantage of that with customised roller banners.

Welcome the season

Even if you don’t add a promotion or any other information, putting up a Halloween-themed PVC banner is a great way to let people know that you are celebrating the season. Without being heavy-handed, it’s a way to advertise your business and draw in customers who are already thinking about Halloween. Try putting up a banner with a spooky image and Halloween-themed message outside your physical address and see how many extra customers will come in off the street out of curiosity!

Create a deal

It might well be that you decide to bring in a special offer for Halloween shoppers. If this is the case, creating PVC banners to advertise that fact will really help to get the word out. Whether you run a café which is offering cheap pumpkin cakes, a web design company offering a discount to create a temporary Halloween styled website page, or a costume shop offering half price on kid’s outfits, a banner will help you get the message across. Having a special deal is always a fantastic way to raise your sales during the season, which is a great way to bring back business after the back-to-school slump.

Tie in your business

There might be a way that your company already ties in to the Halloween spirit. Maybe you specialise in gothic jewellery, or you sell DVDs of classic horror movies. Perhaps you sell Halloween costumes or have scary props for customers to use in your photo studio. Whatever it is, you can use our online design tool to create a banner which helps customers make the connection. Once they see your product or service along with the word ‘Halloween’, the lightbulb will click on over their heads!

Create urgency

Finally, you can also use banners to remind shoppers that they need to buy sooner, rather than later. While everyone knows when Halloween is, sometimes they need a nudge to realise that it might be closer than they think. Use a large pop-up banner to remind them of the date, and how soon you expect to run out of stock, and they might just hurry their purchase along! Urgency is always key when encouraging casual shoppers to make sales.


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