Christmas Banners: Make an Impact

Over the Christmas period, we can see how advertising really goes into overdrive. Every business has to make sure that they can harness this time of the year as a way to generate more sales, because after this point there is likely to be a slump in profits.

Christmas Banners

It is easy to see why: everyone buys presents and spends money in the sales, and after that they have to tighten their purse strings for a while. What you have to do is to make sure that the money they are spending goes on your products or services. With Christmas banners, you can make an impact to influence sales during the festive season.

Create a sense of urgency

The first thing that you want to do with your PVC banner or roller banner is to make sure people understand there is a deadline before which they have to buy from you. Make them understand there is a sense of urgency for their order, and they are more likely to buy right away. If they procrastinate and leave it until later, that sale may never come.

This is why you have to grab their attention and make them buy right now. How can you do this? Well, there are a number of ways. You can include information about when the last order date is to get your item before Christmas. You can state that stocks are limited, and that if they want to get a Christmas present, they must act now before it is too late. You can also just reinforce the fact that your product makes a great gift which must be bought before the big day. If you want to create extra interest with a discount, make sure it is understood that this is only available for a very short time and may expire unless they act now.

Make your product memorable

You also need to make sure that when people are thinking about what to get for Christmas for their friends and family, they think of your product. This is done by making sure that you associate it with being a gift and with suiting a certain type of person. Then, your potential customer can think about a certain person they know, remember your gift because it would suit them, and go ahead and buy.

How do you achieve this? The biggest way is going to be through the use of graphics. Make sure that you have something on your banner that shows the product either being used by a certain person, or being handed over as a gift. It’s a really good tactic to show someone receiving the gift and being absolutely delighted at its contents. This can be done with simple stock photography and just needs the insertion of your product so that everyone will remember the association. This is a case of show, not tell – it’s much more memorable if they can see a real human being enjoying your product rather than just reading text about it.

Tap into the festive spirit

Your banner also has to really embrace the idea of Christmas so that it taps into that festive spirit. This will reinforce the association of your product as a gift, and will help people to remember that they do need to pick up some gifts before it is too late. All of this taps in to what we have talked about before – the sense of urgency causing them to go ahead and buy rather than waiting.

So how can you get into the festive spirit? You can include colours such as reds, greens, and whites to symbolise the Christmas palette. You can include imagery such as trees, gifts, decorations, elves, Santa Clause, and so on. You can also use wording that is evocative of the Christmas period, such as seasonal, jolly, merry, and so forth.

The more Christmassy your banner is, the more of an impact it will have. This will allow your customers to feel that generous festive spirit too, which may make them more inclined to spend a bit of money on your product rather than thinking it through and walking away. This impact could result in direct and immediate sales.

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