How to Market Halloween Items

Halloween is now right around the corner, but there is still time for some last-minute marketing. If you want to get those Halloween items flying off the shelves, there are a number of ways that you can market them effectively.

1. Get Halloween banners printed!

Make sure that you get a big PVC banner printed up as soon as possible that you can display outside if you have a physical shop location. This banner doesn’t have to have a date on it, so you can display it year after year. With durable materials such as the ones we use in our roller banners, they can withstand the elements without any damage or fading. This is perfect for this time of year, so you can leave them out for as long as you like. Make sure that the banner lets passers-by know to come in for Halloween items, and include some fun images showing models using the items if possible. A creepy font and maybe even some blood splatter can add to the effect and make it more eye-catching. If you want to run a special offer, you can also have this printed onto the banner.

Halloween Pumpkin


2. Dress up the shop

Of course, everyone loves to get into the spirit of a holiday, and you can turn your whole shop into a Halloween haven using the items that you sell.

For example, if you sell props, make sure to have them on display throughout the shop. If you sell costumes, you could ask your staff to dress up during the week of Halloween. This will help those who come into your shop for other reasons to get the idea of buying Halloween products. Hopefully they will see something in use and want to have it for themselves!

3. Social media adverts

Don’t hit the mark too early, but consider getting some social media adverts up during October if you find some success with lead generation there. Facebook and Twitter both have advertising programs that are fairly easy to use, and you can now use Instagram as well. A simple but effective marketing graphic should capture the theme of Halloween, as well as using wording to let people know what you have on offer. You can then direct them to your website or social media page so that they can make some purchases. This is an especially great option for those who have largely online sales.

4. Sponsor a party

You can also collaborate with other businesses to ensure that your name gets out there. Look at local pubs, restaurants, and clubs, who are likely to hold Halloween parties in the week leading up to the big night. Make a partnership with them so that you supply costumes and decor in exchange for advertising. You can even use the same banner design to place around the venue – make sure that it has your company name and how to contact you! This will help customers to find you, especially when they have more than one Halloween party to go to and need more than one outfit.

5. Send cards

If you have customer names and addresses, for example if you have delivered goods to them in the past, you can use snail mail for marketing too. Send out a postcard with your Halloween items displayed on the front and a spooky message on the back. People rarely get post these days as everything is done over email, so they are more likely to actually read this kind of marketing. It’s also great for a shop where you want people walking in, as it will remind them to come and find you. You can even include a discount code on the postcard to encourage them to come and shop with you instead of a rival business.


It’s not too late to market for Halloween, so get your plans ready as soon as possible. There’s a lot of fun to be had with marketing around this special holiday!

How to Build a Brand Template

In order to make sure that all of your marketing efforts help to make you a memorable brand, one thing you need is unity. A customer should be able to look at your adverts, your website, and your social media posts, and understand that they all come from the same place. A template is your roadmap to branding, with instructions for the colours to use, the fonts, and even the tone of voice. Here’s how to put one together before you order your first roller banner.

Think of your vision

What is your company’s vision?

What is your company vision

You may not have ever put this into words before, but every company has one. It’s what drives you to sell your product or service. For a photographer, it might be ‘to show every woman that she is beautiful’. For an SEO company, it might be ‘to get our customers the web traffic they deserve’. The important thing is to keep your vision in mind when setting out your template. For the photographer, it wouldn’t be right to have masculine colours and use rough language in their marketing efforts, because this wouldn’t appeal to a woman nor give that sense of appreciation.

Use colour theory

When you are choosing your colour scheme, you might have a few indicators already which tell you what direction to go in. You might use masculine or feminine options as discussed above. You might be in an industry which is associated with certain colours – healthcare brands, for example, should certainly use green and red with white. But what if you have no clues where to start? Well, this is where colour theory comes in. Certain colours are associated with certain emotions. Think of how you want your customers to feel about your brand: are you looking to soothe them? To make them feel passionate? To give them inspiration? Choose colours based on the ideas you want to convey.

Fonts for design

When you create a roller banner, or any kind of advertising material, you will need to choose a font. Don’t just go with any old option – your company should have a chosen font or two within your brand guidelines. Again, different fonts can be associated with different industries or feelings. Some fonts look professional and solid, so they would be suitable for a law office. Others look creative and feminine, so are perfect for a hairdressing salon. Think about your font choice very carefully. You can even consult a graphic designer if you want expert advice on making the right choice. How your words are written could be more influential than what they actually say.

Logos for efficiency

You should also have a logo for your brand. While a full logo can be more complicated, including words and even a web address, you should also create a smaller version that can be used in situations where you need it to be more visible. Your logo should use the colours of your brand, and any writing should be done in the font you have chosen too. You can use the full logo for websites, business cards, and so on. For saving space on adverts and banners, use the cropped logo with the image only. This will help to create a stronger association with your brand and logo. If possible, the design of the logo should also encapsulate the nature of your business: the silhouette of a dog for a vet, for example, or a tyre mark for a mechanic.

Tone of voice

Finally, think about the tone of voice that you want to use in any copy. Will you speak directly to your customer in an informal tone? Or is it better to use professional language? Will you be warm and friendly, or speak as a parent to a child? The way you phrase your marketing can make a difference in attracting the right kind of client.


When you have your brand template put together, be sure to refer back to it before making banner designs, creating adverts, or changing your website. This will help to ensure that customers know what to expect from your brand, and can strongly associate you with what you do – encouraging more business in the long term.

5 Ways to Generate New Leads

If your business could do with more customers, then you need to generate new leads. The more leads you have, the more you can convert into sales – and these can become repeat customers or referrals further down the line. But how do you generate those leads in the first place? Here are five ideas to try.

Put out a social media advert

One of the biggest ways to advertise at the moment is through social media. It’s a good way to reach yourSocial_Media_Marketing audience because people spend a lot of time online, which allows them to see your adverts more often. It can be expensive, but the more reach you get, the better. So long as you target your audience carefully and have good quality adverts and offers, you could end up getting lots of new leads this way. People are also more likely to like or follow your official business account when you use this method, so you can get more engagement on all of your future posts as well. However, be wary of going into this method if you don’t know what you are doing, as it is easy to get it wrong.

Create a roller banner

Having a roller banner gives you a great piece of mobile advertising that you can put wherever you like. You can erect your banner outside your premises, or take it to events and put it up there. Whenever someone can walk by and see your roller banners, you could get a potential new customer.

Click here to view our roller banners

Click here to view our roller banners

This is a great way to create leads when you have a physical shop location in particular because you can direct people inside. Instead of looking up to read the frontage of your shop, they only have to look straight ahead and have their attention caught by your banner, encouraging them to step inside.

Go networking

If there are any networking events in your area, be sure to go to them and take part as much as possible. Even if you are not traditionally a B2B service, remember that everyone representing a business at these sessions is also a human themselves. This means that they could potentially be a private client for your services or products – and when at a business event, you are likely to be talking to people with more disposable income. This makes it a great place to hunt for new leads.

Revisit old customers

How are your old customers doing? Could they be due a new purchase? Think about going back through your old contacts and sending them some marketing materials. This could be a great way to bring back those customers for a new purchase. It might also be that, while they are no longer in need of your services, that memory trigger will cause them to refer you on to someone new. After all, they already know the quality that you can provide – they just need a nudge every now and then to keep you top of mind!

Exhibit at a trade show

Why not go and exhibit at a trade show? This is a fantastic way to generate new leads and can often be a very productive use of your time. It does cost money to get your own stall or exhibitor stand, but it can pay off in spades if you have it all set up properly. Remember to bring samples or items for sale, as well as marketing materials so that you can hand out your details to everyone that drops by. You should also consider having a banner alongside your stand, or investing in a larger exhibition stand to form the backdrop to your area. This will allow you to stand out and grab the attention even when you are surrounded by your competitors, which will really help to bring in those new leads. It’s a perfect way for you to get the word out there about what you do.


While there are lots of ways to generate new leads for your business, these five definitely stand out as being well worth a try. Give them a go and see what works best for you out of the options we have highlighted.

Use Local Events to Promote Your Business

If you are ordering roller banners or exhibition stands to promote your business, make sure that you get the most mileage out them possible. If you use your imagination, there are lots more opportunities to get the word out than you might think. Local events can be a great way to target your potential customers, letting them know that your service or product is available just down the road from them.

roller banners cheap sponsors family charity event

Together Trust Charity Fun Day Sponsored By Roller Banners Cheap

While you may need to sponsor the event in order to have your banner placed on display, you are likely to find that with local events the fee is very small. This can be a very valuable source of exposure, too, especially if the kind of people attending the event are exactly the same people who might need your product or service. For example, a children’s clothing store would do very well to sponsor a sporting event at the local school.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of events that you can look out for, and which you should always view as an opportunity to advertise.

1. Sports games and events

If you have a local football team or rugby club, this is a great place to start – so long as they are not top of the league standard! It might cost you a lot to advertise at the big clubs, but go for a small local outfit and you will see prices plummet. Think outside the box for other sports too – what about basketball games or swimming galas?

One of the big opportunities will be local school sports, especially sports days and big games. When all of the parents are being dragged out to watch the event, most of them won’t really be interested in the sport at all, at least not until their child is on centre stage. During this time their eyes may wander, giving you much better value for money as so many people will check out your banners.

This obviously works best if you provide something related to sports with your company, but anything that parents might be interested in is also a good shout.

2. Fairs and fetes

Look out for local fairs of any kind – whether they are limited to a school playing field or done with the wider community in mind. You might be able to have a stall at the fair selling your products or giving demonstrations of your service, and having a banner by your side will help to draw attention. Otherwise, find out if you can have your banner up near the entranceway or anywhere that people are likely to gather.

There are lots of fairs at schools, football clubs, and other sporting grounds as a way to raise money. Pay close attention to these as you will certainly be able to put up your banners in exchange for a small donation! You also get to support your local community, which as a business owner is always a great way to pay it forward. The better your community is doing, the more your business will flourish with local customers!

3. Shows and productions

You will probably only want to go this route if you have a real interest in the arts, but you can always sponsor a local art show or theatre production. These amateur creative events usually only attract a small gathering, from the local community and more often than not the families of those who were involved in creating it. It can still be a great opportunity, however. Not only can you have your company name attached to the event, but you can have your banners up in the lobby or inside the show to remind people that you have sponsored it. This could be really good exposure over the whole duration of the show or play.

If you provide a service, make sure to think about whether it could be relevant to the local event that you want to sponsor. You might be able to provide a service in kind, such as building a website, rather than having to pay a sponsorship fee! That would make it an even more worthwhile opportunity to get those banners up in as many places as possible.

Celebrate Family Events With Personalised Banners

When a special family event comes along, there’s nothing like celebrating it in style. Especially when it’s a big day for someone in particular, you can really make them feel special by getting a customised PVC banner made up which celebrates them and their achievements or news. This is very easy to organise, and won’t cost much either – and it has so much value on the day and afterwards as a memento. Here’s why you should be considering it, and how to get your banner set up.

mothers day pvc banners

Click here for more information on our PVC banners

Special Occasions

What kind of occasions can be marked with a banner? Well, there are all kinds of possibilities! A birthday or anniversary is an obvious choice, and those big numbers are definitely the ones to focus on. As well as a birthday, how about a birth date? Welcoming home a new-born and their parents is a great use of a personalised banner.

If someone has been away for a while – for example, an exchange student who has spent a year abroad – then a welcome home banner will definitely do the trick. And for a wedding, there’s nothing like welcoming the new Mr and Mrs to their married life with a banner that they will treasure forever as a memento of their nuptials. You can also purchase a banner to celebrate an achievement: a student getting a great result for their degree, for example.

Another idea is to set up a banner to welcome a family member to their new home – especially if it is one of your grown-up children moving into their own house for the first time. The basic rule is that if you want to celebrate something, you can definitely get a banner made up for it.

Locations and Ideas

A banner can form a big element of a surprise party. You can have the banner set up inside your house or at the party venue, and it will make a big impact when the guest of honour arrives. It also lets everyone know the focus of the event, which is perfect if your family members often want to turn the spotlight on themselves!

You can also use the idea of a surprise party in reverse. If you have an announcement to make, such as a new baby, why not print and hang a banner ready for your guests to arrive? You will love the looks on their faces when they come in and read the sign – and the penny slowly drops!

You may have seen banners hung at the roadside, often on roundabouts, to celebrate big birthdays and offer congratulations. This is a great way to use your celebration banner, and can be another great surprise for that special person as they drive around the corner and see their name written on the banner.

Finally, if you are inviting guests to a party outside of your home, why not have a roller banner standing outside the venue to let everyone know that they are in the right place? This will help direct guests easier as well as telling passers-by that it is a private event, which is great for venues like pubs and town halls.

How to order

It’s very simple to order. First of all you can make your banner design – this can be as easy as using our online banner designer and putting in all of the details you need. You can also design your own in another programme and import it, or even hire a designer if you really want to impress – for example, if you want the wedding banner to match all of your stationary.

Decide on your size and how you are going to display the banner, then add your artwork or design it online to proceed to the next stage. It’s as simple as entering your details and pressing order – and your banner will be on the way in no time at all. Even if you don’t think of this idea until the last minute, you can still have it there in time for the big event.

Make sure that you consider a personalised banner at your next family event, as these can make a really big impact on the celebrations!

Roller Banners Cheap Sponsors Together Trust Fun Day

A recent Family Fun Day put together by Trust Together was a huge success, and Roller Banners Cheap was proud to provide their main PVC banner and sponsor the event.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 18.39.36

Hundreds of people from the Stockport area turned out to see the event on Saturday 11th June, raising £11,500 for young people and adults in need of a helping hand.

A Fantastic Event

The Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport opened the Family Fun Day to welcome families from around the area to come down and have a great time. One of the main highlights of the event was the It’s A Knockout competition, an ever-popular part of the event (which was previously known as the Cheadle Festival).

In the competition, teams form together in order to tackle an inflatable obstacle course, with lots of fun and games along the way. Silly costumes and foam were met with giant obstacles to keep the competitors on their toes – and the crowd smiling.

The winner of the first event was Valour Finance, part of the three team round, and the following two rounds were won by AA and DJS. All participants should certainly feel pleased with their performance, as they not only had a great time but also helped to support Trust Together.

It’s a hugely fun event and helps to raise plenty of money for the people supported by Trust Together. It also raises awareness of their cause, and the individuals within the community who require their help.

Julie Williams, Event Fundraiser, said: “Thank you to all those who braved the weather to support the day, It’s a Knockout was once again a family favourite. We are delighted with the support we have received from local business, volunteers and everyone who joined us on the day.”

A Worthwhile Cause

Trust Together look after vulnerable people within the community, aiming to improve their quality of life and ensure that they have access to opportunities that would otherwise never go their way. These may include those who are disabled physically or mentally, have learning difficulties or behavioural problems, and those whose health needs are very complex. The impressive £11,500 raised on the day will be put towards the purchase of specialist equipment, as well as supporting projects and activities on an ongoing basis.

Roller Banners Cheap was one of the sponsors of the event, alongside a list of other local businesses who were all happy to contribute to making this great day happen. It’s certainly a worthwhile cause, as Trust Together offer special education and care for those who need it. They also ensure that families and carers get the training that they need as well as a wider support network.

If you would like to find out more about Trust Together or their work, you can find all of the details on their website, as well as opportunities to support them through donations or fundraising. You can also consider the option of joining their team.

A closer look at our Mid Range roller banner

When you purchase a roller banner, it’s important that you can get a good idea of what that banner is going to look like. You need to know how it will service the needs of your business, and help you to market your services or products. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at one of our most popular products: the mid range roller banner.

The Price

mid range roller banner

Click here for more info

We know that you like looking after your bottom line, and we’re doing our best to help you with that too. Our mid range rollup banners start from just £39.99 each, which is one of the reasons why they are a favourite amongst our customers! We offer free delivery, too, so there’s no need to worry about a huge P&P charge on top. The more you order, the lower the price per item gets, but we take orders of single units too to accommodate your needs.

We also include a great bundle for that price – not just the printed banner itself, but the mid range banner stand with a fixed height bungee pole, as well as a canvas carrier to keep it all in. This means you can carry it around easily and put it up as soon as you receive it.

The Print

One of the most important factors in how well a banner is going to work for you is the quality. You don’t want poor colour vibrancy that fades instantly, or a surface which distorts the image and words you have on the banner. That’s why we start off with a 150 micron light stop media, which has an incredible print quality of 1440 dpi. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, take our word for it: it’s very good! This means you can get full quality prints on a surface that shows them off to the best possible degree.

All of that is useless, however, if it fades right away or you can scratch or tear it. A lot of companies use paper or cheap PVC which takes damage very easily, but our material is much stronger than that. It is resistant to tearing, solid enough that you can’t see through it, and coated with an extra scuff resistant laminate on the face to avoid surface damage. That means your banner will be lasting a lot longer – even if you’re carrying it around to trade shows week in and week out.

The Pull

So what’s so special about the mid range itself? Well, it’s a very effective style of banner, because of the fact that it can stand alone and is very sturdy. It also has that capacity for such a high resolution that makes it perfect for display quality.

The swivel feet at the bottom of the stand tuck away for protection and ease during transport, but present a firm base when in use. Simply put, it looks like a truly professional banner display, giving your customers a fantastic first impression that will last through to the purchasing decision.

6 tips for offline advertising in summer

Photo by Alistair Murdoch

Photo by Alistair Murdoch

Ah, summer – the barbecues are lit, the trip to the seaside is planned, and huge sales are spreading across the high street to draw in buyers for the latest deal. It’s an ideal time to be targeting your newest customers, but in order to do that, you need to make sure that you grab their attention where they are most likely to be looking. Online advertising could be a good avenue, but at this time of year, people are more likely to be out and about on the streets. Here’s how to make your offline advertising work best for you.

If you are looking for specific advertising tips using roller banners you might want to check out our other article here.

1. Be Clever

People are more likely to pay attention to an advert or banner if it is clever. Think back to the ones you remember most: they are likely to use a rhyme, make a pun, or make a point that sticks in your mind. You don’t have to have a Master’s degree in marketing to come up with something like this, because the more complicated it is, the less it is likely to work. Say something short, simple, and clever that people will understand. Whether it’s a tagline or just a call to action, make it count.

2. Be Visible

It doesn’t matter how great your banner design is if no one can see it. There are lots of places you could place your banner, but the best option is always somewhere where it gets the most eyes on it regularly. It should be seen from the road or from a pathway that is well-traversed, and as close to your business premises as possible so that customers can act on the information easily. You can either use a general PVC banner hanging from a fencing area, or placed on the side of a building, or a roller banner which can stand up alone on the pavement. Either way, make sure it’s in the normal and easy line of sight to catch the most attention.

3. Be Memorable

There has to be something about your banner that will make people remember it. Does it have a funny picture with it? Is the copy funny or clever? What’s more, they should be able to remember what you are selling, and how to get to you when they decide to buy. Whether you are adding a web address or directions to your premises, make sure it sticks in their minds.

4. Be Bold

Bright colours make you stand out, especially if your banner is on an industrial estate or in a town centre. You need to catch the eye, so that no one would be able to glance over your banner and away again – they need to not be able to resist paying attention to it! A bright and bold design gets the best results.

5. Be Simple

There’s no use bombarding your customers with information if they won’t be able to take it all in. If your banner is filled with dense lines of text, then no one will read it. Minimise your text and make sure that none of it is confusing. Ask a second party to check it over before you go to print just to be sure.

6. Be Appealing

What’s the one thing that people love more than anything else when shopping? A discount! Make sure that you have an enticing offer to bring them in. This doesn’t have to be a seasonal offer, but might be something that you have available all year round, such as a discount above a certain purchasing amount. Make it as appealing as possible!

[Guide] NEW roller banner online designer launched

The launch of our new online designer for roller banners means you can now create your own designgrasshopper front easier than ever before.

This simple tool allows you to create a professional-looking design in a matter of minutes, and it’s free to use as part of your order! We’ve put together a guide below, so you can see how it’s done.

Follow these steps and you will find yourself with your brand new roller banners in no time at all!

Step 1: Get a quote

The very first thing that you need to do is to start the order process. Once you have received your online quote you will get access to the online designer, so let’s start there! First, choose the type of banner that you want, the size of the banner, and what kind of coating or finish you want it to have. Lastly, put in your quantity, and hit “update quote”.


Great! Now that your quote is updated, you should be able to scroll down and fill in a few more details. Add your name, email address, and phone number, and select what kind of shipping you would like. When you come to the “artwork options” part of the process, you will find the option to Design Online. Select it now, and you should get access to the online designer right away.


Step 2: Add some text

The next part of the design process is to add some text. Now, you probably have a good idea of what you want it to say, but if not, try keeping it simple. Add your company name, or perhaps a tagline that you use option. A simple description of the services that you provide works too. You don’t want to get too wordy, or the text may take too long to read, causing you to lose the interest of potential customers. Let’s start with familiarising ourselves with the online designer interface. Why not check out of article if you are struggling to decide what font to use?


Next, let’s get some text in there, following this process:

2.1: Write your text into the box provided.

2.2: Choose a font from the list. You can change it as many times as you like, so be sure to take a look at all of the options.

2.3 Choose your text colour. Make sure that it will stand out!

2.4 Make certain parts of your text stand out even more by using the bold, italic, and underline tools if you wish.

2.5 Change the alignment of your text to left, centre, or right with these buttons.

2.6 Use the tools on the text box to easily make changes: make it bigger or smaller, move it around, rotate it, or delete it.

You can get some more ideas on roller banner design here.


Step 3: Add a background

It’s super easy to add a background, especially if you just want it to be one solid colour.

3.1: Hit the “add art” button. This brings up the art menu.

3.2: Tick the “unlock proportion” box. This will allow you to fill the entire background with your colour.

3.3: Select your colour! There are lots of shades available.

3.4: Use the expand tool at the bottom of the square to drag it out. This will fill the whole of the banner space.

3.5: Move the layers around so that the background goes to the bottom. Just drag and drop them to rearrange them however you like.


Step 4: Add some graphics

This is completely optional, but it can make your banner stand out a lot better. To add the graphics, follow these steps.

4.1: Open the “add art” menu again.

4.2: Choose the “all art” option, select a certain type of gallery, or search for a keyword that you would like to use.

4.3: Click the design you like, then choose “add design”. It’s that simple!


Step 5: Add your own images

If you want to include your own images, or download them from a stock website, here is how you can add them to your banner design through the online tool.

Select the “upload image” tab. When it pops up, choose your image using the button provided to browse through the folders on your computer. Accept the copyright terms, and click upload. You can then place your image and move or resize it using the same tools as before.


Step 6: Add contact details

You can also add a name and number to your design to allow people to contact you. Click on the “Name & Number” tab, then choose “Add List Name & Number”. Here is where you can add the details that you need before including them in your design. Use the checkboxes to add each element individually. Once you have done this, they can both be edited just like any other text box.


Step 7: Add a QR code

Again, this is completely optional, but it will help clients to find you more easily. They can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone in order to go to the website of your choice. You can generate a QR code through our online designer, so it’s very simple to add this step.

Using the “add QR code” tab, enter the web address that you would like the QR code to go to. Then click on “create QR code”. Once it appears on your design, you can resize it, move it, or delete it just by clicking on it and using the tools that pop up.


Step 8: Review your design

Make sure that you are happy with the design that you have created. You can edit any of the elements that you have put in place so far, add new ones, or delete anything that you don’t want to keep. You can also review your order details before you move forward. You will see the final price listed on the right-hand side, so make sure that you check this. You can also press the “buy now” button to add your design to your cart and carry on making your order.


Step 9: Save

If you aren’t ready to order yet, or you want to save the design for later use, click on the save icon at the top right-hand side. This will open up a dialogue box prompting you to either log in or create a new account. Once you have your account set up and have saved the design, you can come back to it at any time.


It’s a great idea to save any templates that you may need for later use!

4 Tips For Business Conferencing

It can be difficult to figure out the right approach to business conferencing. After all, how do you measure success? Is it by the number of business cards you collect? The number of people who stop by to talk to you? Really, the main thing is getting your product or service out there and ensuring that as many people as possible know about it. You can achieve this by setting yourself up right before the day – and making sure you know exactly what you are doing when you get there. Here are our top 4 tips for a successful business conference.

business conferencing with roller banners

1. Have your promotional materials ready

You need to make sure that people remember who you are after the event, so have promotional materials that you can hand out. A business card is good, but a leaflet with further information is even better. Something that offers an exclusive online discount is better than both of those, and a free gift for people to take home is even better than the lot of them put together. Decide on what your budget can stretch to and make sure you have enough printed up for the whole event.

2. Advertise your presence

On top of your hand-out materials, you should also have something that shows off where you are and what you do right from the beginning, even when someone glances across the room at you. You should have vibrant promotional materials like roller banners or larger pop-up display banners, which create interest even from those who weren’t looking your way. This will bring more people over to talk to you or gain an interest in your business. It will also help them to remember you if they need you in the future.

3. Network with others

You may come to the conference with the intention of selling your products or services, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in “sell” mode all of the time. The other businesses and individuals around you may well be worth a chat. Networking with other business owners could gain you a discount on something you need, give you a new outlet for your promotion, or create a partnership which is mutually beneficial. Don’t be afraid to talk to those manning the stalls, not just the people wandering around.

4. Have your pitch prepared

What does your business sell? Can you sum it up in one sentence? What about why people need it? Make sure that you have this prepared ahead of time so that you are able to let people know what you are all about as easily as possible. The quicker you can give them the information they need to know, the more likely it is that they will be interested in it. Avoid those glazed looks from people who have lost your thread, or are waiting for you to get to the point. Tell them what you are about and then sales pitch them afterwards if they are interested.