Roller banner suppliers

A roller banner is a great way to create an attractive and eye catching statement about you, or your business. Whether for personal use in the home, or for advertising your business in an innovative way, the roller banner is a fantastic product. There are a great range of roller banner suppliers available online and in retail, and this guide will help to outline the best banners, and indeed banner
suppliers out there!

Roller banner features

The first thing there is to know about roller banners is that they are retractable. This means that your pop-up display can be easily stored without taking up too much room. Whilst most banner suppliers will also offer static banner options, the great thing about the roller banner is that it can be easily transported from place to place. For a small business this is fantastic, whether you want to set up a stall at an exhibition, or simply show of your products or services in your normal working environment.

The roller banners are really easy to assemble, they just require a single pole to support the banner at the back which is really easy to do, and most roller banner suppliers will offer instructions on how to do this most effectively without damaging your new banners.

Another great thing about roller banners is that you can print whatever you like onto them. Most reputable roller banner suppliers offer complete freedom to design your banners however you should so choose. Most banner suppliers will allow customers to design their own banners online. You can check to see if this is an available option to specific banner suppliers by looking on their websites.

How to choose a roller banner suppiler

There are a vast range of roller banner suppliers on the internet, and so choosing the right one can be difficult. Having the freedom to design your own banner can be an important factor to consider especially if you have a definite idea of what you want to have printed upon your roller banners.

In terms of price, there is a wide range of roller banners and banner suppliers available, and depending on the sort of banners you are looking for, will change the cost. The cheapest banners start from around £25 for an A3 banner size and can reach up to £850 for a complete roller banner system, comprising of many different interchangeable options. The price varies with each different banner supplier however on average, the most common price to pay for a banner that is as tall as a person, is around £50. Lots of roller banner suppliers offer free postage on their banners, so you do not need to have to worry about paying a high price to have your new roller banners delivered to you.

Another great design idea that roller banner suppliers have recently invested in is the PVC roller banner. This means that the banner can be used outside and will withstand the elements such better than traditional banner materials. Most of these PVC roller banners come with a No-Fade guarantee which gives the consumer peace of mind. These outdoor banners are a great way to gather attention outside. You could use them for personal occasions such as weddings, or parties outside, or for a business they would be an invaluable way to attract interest into their premises outside of the door.

The roller banner offers you the chance to expand your ideas onto a canvas that can be stored away when it is not needed. Big budget or small, be sure to check out some roller banner suppliers to find the perfect banner for you.

Introducing UK customers to a world of roller banners

With spring in full bloom and warm summer days to come, outdoor and holiday activities are on everyone’s minds. The next few months will also bring a variety of outdoor festivals, exhibitions and ceremonies, urging UK companies to find creative marketing solutions. One of these solutions is advertising events and festivities by using the very practical roller banners.

What should UK companies know about roller banners?

Roller banners or “pull-up banners” are a portable means of advertising products or events. They are compact, easily transported in a bag, and can be used as many times as needed. The roller banners can stand on their own, so they don’t need to be fixed with additional devices. They are rolled out of a base unit and fixed on a pole.

What makes roller banners extremely cost-effective is that they can be re-used, so they allow companies to attend more events without spending much money on display solutions. Usually, they are made of durable materials, so the need to replace them is delayed.
Besides the practical advantages to displaying this kind of banners, companies should be aware of the wide range of graphic options they have. Show banners can be hyped with great designs and unique graphical elements that would make the product or event catch the eye of the public. The banners can be one-sided or double-sided, the latter being more effective in terms of visibility and graphical options.

Roller banners on the UK market – what to choose?

When choosing roller banners for an exhibition, festivity or large meeting, UK marketing specialists have several things they need to consider. Creativity aside, one needs to establish where the roller banners will be displayed – outdoors or indoors.

In the case of outdoor events, companies should make sure the roller banners of their choice are weather resistant, especially since we’re talking about the UK. Some options are available for roller banners that are even resistant to snow and extreme temperatures, but customers should check with the manufacturer and get a guarantee for this.

Something else clients need to remember is to research the market and find the best price for their budgets – the number of websites selling roller banners and delivering them anywhere in the UK is alone incredible.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is to check if the manufacturer adds any hidden costs for assembling the banners or for the artwork. Also check the dimensions of the product before buying it and the materials it is made of – aluminium frames guarantee the best durability.

Ultimately, what clients need to keep in mind is to choose the manufacturer that will guarantee the best quality within the available budget, and that will be creative enough to have a strong impact on the audience.

Where to display roller banners in the UK

Roller banners may be seen as a somewhat corporate means of advertising, but customers in the UK and anywhere can use them effectively on a variety of occasions. The main idea is to display your roller banner in a busy place, where people can see it.
Roller banners are a perfect addition to stage sets for conferences, award ceremonies and presentations. They attract viewer’s attention at any exhibition stand or selling point. They are perfect for universities and educational institutions on open days, as well as for parties, camps and outdoor fairs. It’s all about using your imagination.

Roller Banners London

Walking around London or any big city, it’s easy not to take in the signs, symbols and displays of information which surround us. But everywhere we look, banners advertise the latest product, proclaim political allegiances, or simply give directions to busy passersby.

The history of banners stretches back to Roman times, with the word deriving from the Latin bandum: literally the cloth out of which a flag is made. In the Middle Ages, they were a key component of heraldry, allowing knights to see their supporters on the battlefield.

Today, at any football ground in London, you will see banners hanging proudly from the stands. The contexts may have changed, but the banner still serves a vital role in displaying support and communicating to many.

Mobility: Why Roller Banners in London are so Useful

Perhaps the most important and useful thing about banners is that they can be moved easily and quickly from place to place, communicating information wherever they are most needed. Roller Banners, or Pop-Up Banners as they are sometimes called, represent this principle brilliantly. Roller Banners literally ‘roll out’ of their easily portable bases, providing within seconds a free-standing, clear and impressive sign. Roller Banners can be made
with PVC or with lighter block film, and often take under a minute to assemble – and of course when you’re finished with them, or when you need to move somewhere else, just simply roll them back up!

Traditionally, banners have been quite cumbersome, difficult to unfurl, and often needing at least two people to hold them up. Just think of the heavy banners on poles used by protest marchers: it’s tough work carrying them several miles through the streets of
London. Roller Banners on the other hand can simply fit into the boot of a car, and be popped up as and when they are needed. What’s more, they look great: clean, taut and professional. Because they are free-standing, they don’t get furled up, caught around
things or get in people’s way. They simply communicate.

Roller Banners: London Exhibitions.

Because of their mobility, durability and professional appearance, it is unsurprising that Roller Banners are essential items at trade fairs and exhibitions. Quite simply, the roller banner is vital for any stall which wants to make an impact in a busy room full of hundreds of competitors. Imagine a packed out Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London: every stall is vying for trade with the thousands of visitors who attend each event. Roller Banners allow those visitors to see clearly and easily what it is the stall is offering.

Of course, they might not realise that at the end of the day, the roller banner can be packed up within a minute, fresh for use somewhere else in London the next day.

The beauty of all banners, is that they communicate the message of the individual organization to the many people who see it. Roller banners do this, but simply better: more efficiently, more professionally and more easily. Exhibition halls and marketing stalls in London are full of roller banners, and for good reason.

Cheap Roller Banners

Cheap Roller Banners From As Little As £19.99

Pull up Banners, Roll up Banners, Pop up banners: they all refer to roller banners. Roller banners are an extremely popular way of advertising. From use in exhibition shows to in schools, there’s always need for a roller banner.

2 of our cheap roller banners

To imagine roller banners as having to be expensive is a mistake; if you choose wisely they can actually be cheap. If you’re looking for a cheap roller banner, a few types such as the orient roller banner are out of the question. As great as the orient roller banner is, it’s not for those hoping to save some cash.

Cheap roller banners for those on a budget

Due to the wide range of roller banners, you can get one to suit your needs quite easily. If it’s cheap roller banners you’re looking for then funnily enough the X Type Roller Banner is for you. It’s simple, reliable and accommodates most business marketing budgets. The graphic still retracts into the stand so transport is easy.

cheap roller banners from £19.99

The X type roller banner isn’t the only cheap banner. There’s the Solo roller banner which is simpler still. With no mechanism which allows the graphic to retract into the base it’s not strictly a roller banner, but it is cheap. It stands static with a sturdy base, easy to set up once you’ve got the hang of it. If you’re going to use the solo banner for the first time in a time restricted situation we advise that you practise first. What isn’t compromised with the solo banner is the quality of the graphic. The high resolution graphic can actually be changed without hassle due to the fact there’s no mechanism to get confused with.

Cheap roller banners and advertising

Cheap roller banners are great for a simple, short-term advertisement. However for banners that you wish to use over and over, it will pay off to spend that little bit more money. For example, a solo roller banner that is ferried from trade shows to exhibitions time and time again will start to lose its tension and may break along the way in which case another roller banner must be bought. However if a little bit more money was inputted into the roller banner budget and a orient banner was purchased, you’d have a banner that would last months on end, never losing tension and being strong enough to withstand being dropped. Cheap roller banners do a lot of good, but consider whether you want a more lasting purchase first.

cheap roller banner montage

Our Range Of Cheap Roller Banners

Roller Banner Template

Introduction to roller banner templates

The Grasshopper, the Orient, the solo and the X Type: otherwise known as roller banners. Time has shown us that this way of advertising is a brilliant, economical method. A lot of the time you’ll hear that roller banners are really simple and easy but actually there are a lot of decisions to be made. There’s size, thickness, material, design, add-ons, type etc.

roller banner montage

To eliminate one of these decisions and allow roller banners to live up to their uncomplicated reputation, here is the roller banner template.

Why use a roller banner template?

Creating the artwork for a roller banner is tough. Wondering where to start and how to carry out your ideas can be difficult. With a roller banner template the first few steps have been done for you and it’s simple for you to give it those final touches.

There are loads of advantages to using banner templates, the first being the professional quality that it brings to your banner. If you’re not the best artistically, or even just find it difficult to use designing programmes, roller banner templates are your answer. You’ll no longer need to worry about whether your roller banners look impressive enough.

Another benefit is time. After picking your roller banner template, which in itself won’t take long due to really easy to use selection processes, all that’s left to do is some personalisation- the fun part. This is the time when your roller banner starts to take shape and become your own. Apply your colour scheme to the roller banner to allow it to fit in nicely with your brand. Also, try to apply wording that’s specific to you. This will be going one step further to permit people to understand the message you’re putting across.

What might roller banner templates include?

Roller banner templates can help with anything from designing the layout and artwork of a banner up to the wording that will go onto your roller banner. Wording templates that you’re likely to find are ‘Open Day’, ‘Summer Fair’ and ‘Happy 40th Birthday’.

Roller banner templates provide a quick, professional and visually appealing design. Remember that the design of the roller banner isn’t the only thing to consider. Choose carefully with size, type and material of banner otherwise your personalised roller banner template may go to waste!