6 tips for making your roller banner stand out

Your roller banner needs to stand out when you go to an exhibition or simply put it outside your store. If it doesn’t, then you won’t be getting the attention that you wanted for your business. To solve this, it’s all about the design. Here are six tips you need to make that roller banner work for you.

Use bright colours

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This seems obvious, but a lot of companies struggle to grasp it. Using bright colours draws the eye, and it’s as simple as that. However, you can’t go crazy with a rainbow and expect to get good attention. If you have clashing colours, and text that is hard to read, people may find it difficult to look at your banner. Choose your colours carefully, and use white or black text depending on the shade of the background you have chosen.

Include a face

Research has proven that people love to look at a face. In fact, our eyes are drawn, more often than not, to the eyes in an image. It’s a primal urge that makes us connect with the eyes first, and since we can’t turn it off willingly, it’s an excellent way to grab attention. Use a photograph of a person on your banner – it can be a stock image, or a photograph of yourself, or one of your employees.

Make an offer

While many banners may catch attention through their design, keeping attention is even more important. One way to do this is to make an incredible offer for your customers. The word ‘free’ really draws the eye, so offering samples to those who visit your stall or a free gift after you spend a certain amount is a good way to go. The better your offer is, the more likely it is that those who read it will come over to see what you are all about.

Pose a question

Another technique for making people wander over to you is to pose a question on your roller banner. Make it a question that they feel they have the answer to themselves, or that they would really like to know the answer to. If it’s the first one, they will be compelled to tell you. If it’s the second, they will want to find out. Make sure it is linked to your product. For example, “What would you do if you didn’t have hay fever?” is a really good question to ask if you sell a natural hay fever remedy that works all summer long. Not only do you engage your customer, but they will also connect the dots that you might be offering them the chance to live without hay fever via your product.

Be professional

There’s nothing like professional design. If you have a roller banner that is produced to the best possible standards, which we always guarantee, as well as a professionally-made design, you are sure to turn heads. Don’t skimp on the cost when you are looking to bring in big customers.

Be you

What’s the one thing that makes your company stand out from the crowd? Use it on your banner! Whether it’s your chatty and irreverent style, your cute branding, or your simple solutions to everyday problems, the banner should personify them. Refer to your brand guidelines and company persona in order to get guidance on what this means for your particular business.



4 great places to set up your roller banner and why

mid range roller banner

With your roller banners designed and printed, and ready to go, you might be suddenly wondering about where to put it. Where will it create the most interest? Where is it most likely to bring in new customers? The answer to these questions may be slightly different for everyone, but there are some general rules you can certainly follow. Try these four places to set up your roller banner.

Beside your stall

When you set up a stall at an event, trade fair, or exhibition, many people are tempted to put the banner behind the stand. This is not helpful – unless you have a full stand banner set up alongside a roller banner, you won’t be getting the most use out of your roller banner. Instead, what you want to do is to set it up next to your stall. Why? Because it will catch the view of more passers-by, and they can take in the full banner rather than only seeing part of it as they approach. Try to funnel visitors from the walkway into your stall with the position of your banner.

Outside your doorway

If your business has premises that customers can visit in order to make purchases, then this is a fantastic place to use a roll-up banner. Put the banner right outside your doorway so that everyone walking by will see it. They may well have their attention piqued enough that they come inside to find out more. This is especially great for general banners which explain what your business is about, or special event banners advertising a sale or a particular offer that you have available inside.

At a local networking event

If you go to a networking even for local businesses, consider asking them if you would be able to put up a roller banner for the duration of the event. This is all about networking, after all, and you want to be seen. More people are likely to want to come and talk to you about your business, and the ones that don’t get a chance to will still take in the message on your banner. It’s a great way to advertise yourself to fellow business owners who might well become customers in the future if they have need of your goods or services.

Inside your premises

You might think that people who have already wandered into your shop or office already know what they want, and whether they will buy it. But the truth is, these people are ready for another little push to get them to buy, or to spend more than they had planned. You can use this space to remind them about a service or product which not everyone may know about, or to showcase a best-seller. It’s also great for upcoming events and sales, to let them know when they need to come back. This could be your final step towards conversion. You won’t believe how many customers will approach you mentioning that they have just seen your sign, and would you be able to tell them more about it?


What text should I include on my roller banner?

Putting your roller banner together can be tough if you don’t have any graphic design skills. Even if you do, once the look is coming together, what are you supposed to write on it? Here’s a quick guide to the kind of text that you should include on your roller banner.

mid range roller banner

Text you need

Let’s start with the text that you absolutely can’t miss out. This includes:

1.Your company name, potentially as a logo if the logo is easy to read

2.A short tagline about your company if your name is not self-explanatory

3.Some kind of contact information, for example a website address

There’s not much that is essential for any kind of business, no matter what it is, so these three details will suffice. You may require other information depending on your particular situation, but these are really important for everyone.

If you aren’t advertising a company, the same principles apply. For example, if your roller banners are advertising an upcoming event, you would need the name of the event, a tagline on what it is about as well as the dates, and a web address or contact details for enquiries.

Text you might add

This information might be needed and might not be, depending on your situation. If you do add any of this text, be sure to keep it short and sweet: the banner should have visual impact rather than requiring viewers to stand and read it.

1.Details of a special offer you have on now, or a code customers can use online later

2.A very brief list of your products, preferably summed up in one-word descriptors

3.Further contact details, such as your social media handles, phone number, and name of your contact

4.A physical address for your business if you deal locally – you may wish to minimise this to your town or city name rather than the full address

5.A brief, preferably one-word pull quote from a reviewer: “Outstanding” – The Daily Mail, for example


It’s better to give passers-by or viewers a reason to come talk to you than it is to overwhelm them with information. Keep the text minimal and instead use images to draw them in. This will help you to convey a message about why they should come to you. If your roll-up banner is too wordy, customers may not bother to read it at all!

How to take breath-taking photos for your roller banners

Taking photographs for your own banners can be a tricky business, especially if you have no photographic experience. Making them look breath-taking is very important for catching attention with your banner, but it isn’t easy to do so. Use this guide to get a good chance of doing it right.

Take high quality images

A good camera with a good lens is absolutely essential for getting an amazing photograph. It simply can’t be done with a smartphone – you need to make sure that you are using a professional DSLR. When you print up to a large size on your roller banners, every single pixel counts. You need a camera that will shoot to a large file size.


Now that you have the right equipment, get your settings right. Don’t just rely on the automatic setting, as this can cause problems. Use the shutter speed mode to set your shutter speed to 1/125 or 1/160, so that you can keep the picture steady, while the camera automatically works out the f-stop for you. You can do it in full manual mode if you understand how the camera works.

Make sure that your subject is in focus when you take the shot. With autofocus mode your camera may do this for you; however, beware that it may choose to focus on the background or another detail if you don’t pay attention.

Place your subject in an area of bright natural light ideally – this will help to light it evenly and provide an impressive look. You can achieve this by shooting next to a large window or an open door.

Compose thoughtfully

Remember that you will be using the images for your banners, which means you need to take design into account. If you place your subject off to one side, or to the top or bottom of the image, you will leave some negative space in the frame. This is essential for graphic design, as it leaves room for your text to lay over the image without competing with the main subject.

When composing, remember that you don’t need to see the whole subject. One side of a face, half a pot of food, or just the pendant of a necklace can all suggest enough that the human brain can complete the rest of the picture for you.

You can compare our roller banners to see which size works for you, and decide on the dimensions you will use for your image. Remember to use a portrait orientation and consider the cropping needed to make it fit.

Use Photoshop

Professional photographers don’t use an image which has come straight from their camera. They know that the camera isn’t perfect, and that edits need to be made in order to get it right.

Use Photoshop or a similar editing suite such as Lightroom to get your image up to scratch. Bring up the contrast and make sure that there is a good balance between light and dark using the brightness tool or the curves tool.

You can also use the vibrancy to make your colours pop more, and adjust them using the hue and saturation tools. This will help your image to stand out when people are walking by and looking at your roll-up banner.

It’s not easy to get the images right, but with a little bit of practice, you can do it. Don’t expect to get it right on your first try, but rather give it a few goes until you get an image that looks right. Over time, you will become a pro at producing those stunning images that will pull customers in.

5 things you should not do at a business exhibition

Business exhibitions can be a huge boon for leads, but can also backfire if you go about things the wrong way. To save you from embarrassment, here are five things you definitely should not be doing at a business exhibition if you want the best results.

1. Skip dressing your stall

Your stall’s appearance is hugely important – perhaps more important that you are giving it credit for. If you don’t pay attention to the way it looks, you might find people simply walking by without giving you a second glance.

trade fair

A bustling trade fair

Your company name should be displayed prominently, and you will also want to have either your products on display or a demonstration of your services. You should use roller banners and other display materials to showcase your brand, any deals you have on offer for the show, and other details.

Make sure that you use bold colours to grab attention, and simple words and phrasing that get the message across in a single glance. Place your banners in prominent locations so that everyone can see them whilst walking by for the best chance of success.

These materials will be what attracts people to your exhibition stand in the first place. No matter how good your pitch is, you won’t be able to drum up business if people simply don’t stop and talk to you.

2. Hire inexperienced staff

When you need to make up the numbers, it can be tempting to bring on your neighbour’s teenage son and his friends who want to make a bit of quick money. Especially when running a small business, you probably don’t have the staff already to fully man the stall – but taking the easy option would be a big mistake.

The stall staff are going to be the people who really drum up business for you. They will take curious glances and turn them into sales. This won’t happen if you have zombie-like teens repeating the same tired sales phrases over and again without enthusiasm – or worse, if they ignore customers to look at their phones.

You need staff members who know your business inside and out, have the outgoing personality required to grab attention and talk to strangers, and show enthusiasm when talking about your product or service. If you can manage it, it’s best to train staff before the event.

You are the best representative of your business, as you are the owner and the person who has both the passion and the understanding for everything you do. Where possible, you should always attend.

3. Neglect customers

While not having the right people on your stand will kill your pitches, not making them in the first place could be even worse. No matter how tired you get, no matter how busy you are, even if you are in the last few minutes of the exhibition – make sure that you acknowledge and talk to every interested customer.

You never know who that person is, and they could end up being your next big sale.

4. Under-order your resources

How many leaflets do you think you will need? How many business cards? How many samples? Whatever your answer may be, order more than that.

There’s nothing worse than going up to a stall only to find that they don’t have any materials left to hand out. For you as a business owner, there’s nothing worse than seeing an interested party walk away empty-handed. Don’t skimp on the ordering beforehand – you will regret it!

5. Fail to follow up on leads

When you get leads at the show, make sure that you take careful notes. Getting contact information isn’t always easy, but you will need it to follow up on those conversations. Take business cards, or ask interested customers to enter their details into a tablet.

When you have those leads, don’t fail to use them. Though you may be exhausted, following up the night of the show is the best time, and will get you the most responses.

A business exhibition is a great opportunity, so don’t waste it. By avoiding these five big mistakes, you will increase your chances of generating useful leads and making money.

Happy Halloween! Celebrate with customised banners

Halloween is a fantastic time of year for promotions, especially if you can find a way to tie your products or services in with this spooky holiday. Everyone is looking to have fun, decorate, and get into the spirit of the haunted night, which means opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Here’s a few ways you can take advantage of that with customised roller banners.

Welcome the season

Even if you don’t add a promotion or any other information, putting up a Halloween-themed PVC banner is a great way to let people know that you are celebrating the season. Without being heavy-handed, it’s a way to advertise your business and draw in customers who are already thinking about Halloween. Try putting up a banner with a spooky image and Halloween-themed message outside your physical address and see how many extra customers will come in off the street out of curiosity!

Create a deal

It might well be that you decide to bring in a special offer for Halloween shoppers. If this is the case, creating PVC banners to advertise that fact will really help to get the word out. Whether you run a café which is offering cheap pumpkin cakes, a web design company offering a discount to create a temporary Halloween styled website page, or a costume shop offering half price on kid’s outfits, a banner will help you get the message across. Having a special deal is always a fantastic way to raise your sales during the season, which is a great way to bring back business after the back-to-school slump.

Tie in your business

There might be a way that your company already ties in to the Halloween spirit. Maybe you specialise in gothic jewellery, or you sell DVDs of classic horror movies. Perhaps you sell Halloween costumes or have scary props for customers to use in your photo studio. Whatever it is, you can use our online design tool to create a banner which helps customers make the connection. Once they see your product or service along with the word ‘Halloween’, the lightbulb will click on over their heads!

Create urgency

Finally, you can also use banners to remind shoppers that they need to buy sooner, rather than later. While everyone knows when Halloween is, sometimes they need a nudge to realise that it might be closer than they think. Use a large pop-up banner to remind them of the date, and how soon you expect to run out of stock, and they might just hurry their purchase along! Urgency is always key when encouraging casual shoppers to make sales.


Our different types of roll up banners

We have a full range of roll up banners here at Roller Banners Cheap, so we thought it was time to introduce the gang to you. Whatever your needs, there will absolutely be something that suits you – down to your budget, quality considerations, and the space that you have available. Here’s an overview of each banner we sell.


budget roller banner

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The budget banner is perfect for those who want a quick and easy solution to advertising, perhaps for a one-off event. It stands with two supported feet and is printed with vibrant, UV fade resistant inks at 720dpi, ensuring you high quality. We use a smooth satin PVC at 440gsm with latex inks which are waterproof and hard-wearing as well as being great for the environment. Your banner also comes hemmed and nickel eyeleted so that it will attach easily to the frame.


economy roller banne

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Our economy roller banner is for those who are getting a little more serious about promotion. It comes as a professional one-piece stand which rolls up for a great first impression. With incredible print quality at 1440dpi, and your own design printed on 150 micron light stop media, everyone will be impressed by your presentation. The surface is scuff-resistant, so you can carry it around a few shows without seeing any damage at all.

Mid Range

Mid range roller banner

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When you are ready to step things up, the mid-range roller banner is an excellent choice. It has two turn-out feet making it more stable, and it will also be easier to store for long-term use. If you are putting something inside your shop for a while, or plan to take it to lots of shows over and again, this is the quality you will need.


wide roller banner

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Our wide roller banners do just what they say on the tin. When your design and message requires a little more space, this banner does the job – and, what’s more, it will give you a lot more visual impact. 


Premium roller banner

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When nothing but the best will do, you need our premium roller banners. With the professional stand and fixed height pole, you will be easily able to put up this banner wherever you need it. It will stand the test of time with fade-resistant and scuff-resistant surfaces, and the best possible print quality. If you really need to impress your potential customers, then this is the banner that you will want to go for. The investment will be more than worth it!

All of our roll up banners include a canvas carrier to help you move them around, and your graphic printing as well as the banner unit itself are both included in the price. We offer a range of sizes, so when you are ready to order, simply click through our online system and choose the options that work best for you.

Are you using the correct colours for your banner?

Balancing colours

When making your choices, try to balance colours out so nothing is too overwhelming. One great way to use colour effectively is to use a colour background with either white or black text, whichever will stand out the best. You don’t want to use more than three colours in most cases, and at least one of those should be a more neutral tone to avoid making your roller banners hard to look at. Try to use colours that go well together – if they are opposite one another on the colour wheel they might be more likely to clash than they would with those that are next to them on the colour wheel.

colours for banner design

Choosing tones

There are a number of psychological reactions that come up when we are presented with certain colours. This is natural and true for anyone in a western culture, though in eastern cultures the reactions may be different. They are as follows:

  • Red: Passionate, angry, important, and energetic. Excellent for prompting a physical response and encouraging people to take notice
  • Orange: Warm, enthusiastic, creative, and youthful. Excellent for sharing innovation and encouraging friendship.
  • Yellow: Cheerful, optimistic, creative, and good for memory. Excellent for sharing new messages and inspiring action
  • Green: Growing, calming, prosperous, and symbolising rebirth. Excellent for sharing new releases and creating associations of health or nature.
  • Blue: Stable, reliable, solid, and trustworthy. Excellent for creating associations of medicine or getting customers to trust you.
  • Purple: Royal, wise, loyal, and luxurious. Excellent for sharing an elegant brand with a luxe side, or expressing spirituality.
  • Brown: Natural, nurturing, comforting, and soothing. Excellent for sharing a positive image and a wholesome brand.
  • Black: Powerful and bold. Excellent for making a sharply contrasting statement, or for adding in text and detail that stands out.
  • White: Simple, pure, and secure. Excellent for making brighter colours feel more elegant and refined, and for text on darker backgrounds.

Testing colours

Before going ahead with your final design, make sure to test your colours out. Put them full-screen on your device and look at it carefully. Do your eyes hurt if you stare at it for a while and then look away? Are you having trouble making out the words against the background? Get a bit further away and look again – does it catch your eye? Does it feel difficult to look at?

These questions will help you to answer whether you have come up with a good colour scheme or not. Remember, it’s more important that customers can actually take in the information on your banner than that you have a complex or clever design. If no one can read it, you won’t be getting any interest in your brand. A good way to make text stand out, if you are struggling, is to add a white square to the background which the text can sit on. This will help it to stand out against a busy background, especially if you are using a photograph or graphic as the main part of the background.

East Cheshire Hospice Support Group Donation

The East Cheshire Hospice Poynton Support Group exists to raise funds for the hospice, and provide care and encouragement to those that have life-limiting illnesses, and their families.

Various compassionate individuals united together to form this support group, and since then they have been hosting brilliant fundraisers for the hospice, which have raised thousands. They tirelessly work all year round to support the hospice by appearing at events like the Higher Poynton Summerfest, as well as hosting their own.

The East Cheshire Hospice has been devotedly caring for people in the many surrounding communities since 1988 and is now supported by over 100 hard working staff and 600 volunteers. As it is a charity, East Cheshire provides all of their services for free, however, that means that they must raise over £7,500 each day to keep everything up and running.

We were, fortunately, able to contribute to one of The East Cheshire Hospice Support Group’s fundraising campaigns by providing them with an eye-catching banner to inform people and to encourage them to donate.

Their campaign, “Make This Day Count” is being held on (or around) the 20th of October and they aim to raise £7500 by the end of it, which is a huge target, but is also the reality of what the hospice must raise each day.

mid range roller banner

We, at Roller Banners Cheap, are so proud to say that we are one of the biggest producers in the UK for roller banners, and so our buying power allows us to pass on excellent discounts and provide remarkable charities like The East Cheshire Hospice Support Group with products free of charge.

Our wide range of rollup banners makes it so that we have a product to suit all budgets; we are also a perfect choice for events such as the hospice fundraiser as we have such a quick turnaround – there’s no need to worry about it being finished and delivered on time. Lastly, we wish all the luck to The East Cheshire Hospice Poynton Support Group and hope that our mid range roller banner brings in plenty of donations.

Newspapers are dead! Pull up banners are impacting customers

View our pull up banners

View our pull up banners

As technology advances, one thing has become clear: printed newspapers just aren’t as popular as they used to be. People don’t need to pick up an unwieldy bundle of paper, destined only to be recycled, when they can get their news online. So, what does this mean for advertising your business? Let’s take a look.

Newspaper advertisements down

One thing that is certainly clear is that newspaper advertisements are no longer worth the paper that they are printed on.

Local papers in particular have become very costly with very little reward, and when it comes to national papers, the cost can be astronomical

Finding an alternative

So, what are you going to do in order to reach new customers? Advertising online is all well and good, but it can be tricky to target the right people. If you only want locals to see the advert, you may struggle to narrow your audience down enough to make it worthwhile. Every time someone from out of town sees your online ad, it will most likely be a waste of money, as they are likely to shop closer to home. Finding customers who are local is essential, and the only way that you can do that is to target them in your local area. For that, you need to display advertisements where your customers will see them.

Pull up banners: a clear option

When it comes to grabbing attention on the street, nothing works like a pull up banner. They can be positioned outside your premises to ensure that passers-by are well aware of what you have to offer, and how it can benefit them. The same people might walk by your business every day without ever noticing it – but with a pull-up banner, they can’t help but pay attention. A bold design, professional printing job, and strong location are all essential to getting the most out of your pull up banner, which will stand proudly to usher new customers in and remind them that you have what they want or need.

Gaining new eyes

When you have a pull up banner in place, it sends a clear message to any would-be customers. It shows them what you have to offer, and makes them think about paying you a visit. If you have a particular sale or special offer on, this is a good way to spread the word and also drive foot traffic on an immediate basis. Your banner also shows that you have pride in your business, and that you go above and beyond what other independent business owners might in order to provide customers with what they want. All of these are positive signs, which are sure to have a heavy impact on your customers. They will be convinced to come and shop with you when they see the banner.

Designing your own

Great design is essential for success, so just remember to follow a few basic principles to ensure that you get those customers in through the door.

  1. First, the colours must be bold, so that they will grab the eye of anyone walking or driving by your banner.
  2. Second, you should use as few words as possible while still getting the message across – this is so that your customers don’t have a lot of text to read.
  3. Thirdly, if you wish to use an image in the background or even the foreground of your design, make sure to use a high-quality photograph so that it prints well.

EXTRA TIP: You should also consider using a human face as part of the design, as this is the number one thing that our eyes are drawn to out of all possible design elements.