Are you using the correct colours for your banner?

Balancing colours

When making your choices, try to balance colours out so nothing is too overwhelming. One great way to use colour effectively is to use a colour background with either white or black text, whichever will stand out the best. You don’t want to use more than three colours in most cases, and at least one of those should be a more neutral tone to avoid making your roller banners hard to look at. Try to use colours that go well together – if they are opposite one another on the colour wheel they might be more likely to clash than they would with those that are next to them on the colour wheel.

colours for banner design

Choosing tones

There are a number of psychological reactions that come up when we are presented with certain colours. This is natural and true for anyone in a western culture, though in eastern cultures the reactions may be different. They are as follows:

  • Red: Passionate, angry, important, and energetic. Excellent for prompting a physical response and encouraging people to take notice
  • Orange: Warm, enthusiastic, creative, and youthful. Excellent for sharing innovation and encouraging friendship.
  • Yellow: Cheerful, optimistic, creative, and good for memory. Excellent for sharing new messages and inspiring action
  • Green: Growing, calming, prosperous, and symbolising rebirth. Excellent for sharing new releases and creating associations of health or nature.
  • Blue: Stable, reliable, solid, and trustworthy. Excellent for creating associations of medicine or getting customers to trust you.
  • Purple: Royal, wise, loyal, and luxurious. Excellent for sharing an elegant brand with a luxe side, or expressing spirituality.
  • Brown: Natural, nurturing, comforting, and soothing. Excellent for sharing a positive image and a wholesome brand.
  • Black: Powerful and bold. Excellent for making a sharply contrasting statement, or for adding in text and detail that stands out.
  • White: Simple, pure, and secure. Excellent for making brighter colours feel more elegant and refined, and for text on darker backgrounds.

Testing colours

Before going ahead with your final design, make sure to test your colours out. Put them full-screen on your device and look at it carefully. Do your eyes hurt if you stare at it for a while and then look away? Are you having trouble making out the words against the background? Get a bit further away and look again – does it catch your eye? Does it feel difficult to look at?

These questions will help you to answer whether you have come up with a good colour scheme or not. Remember, it’s more important that customers can actually take in the information on your banner than that you have a complex or clever design. If no one can read it, you won’t be getting any interest in your brand. A good way to make text stand out, if you are struggling, is to add a white square to the background which the text can sit on. This will help it to stand out against a busy background, especially if you are using a photograph or graphic as the main part of the background.

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