4 great places to set up your roller banner and why

mid range roller banner

With your roller banners designed and printed, and ready to go, you might be suddenly wondering about where to put it. Where will it create the most interest? Where is it most likely to bring in new customers? The answer to these questions may be slightly different for everyone, but there are some general rules you can certainly follow. Try these four places to set up your roller banner.

Beside your stall

When you set up a stall at an event, trade fair, or exhibition, many people are tempted to put the banner behind the stand. This is not helpful – unless you have a full stand banner set up alongside a roller banner, you won’t be getting the most use out of your roller banner. Instead, what you want to do is to set it up next to your stall. Why? Because it will catch the view of more passers-by, and they can take in the full banner rather than only seeing part of it as they approach. Try to funnel visitors from the walkway into your stall with the position of your banner.

Outside your doorway

If your business has premises that customers can visit in order to make purchases, then this is a fantastic place to use a roll-up banner. Put the banner right outside your doorway so that everyone walking by will see it. They may well have their attention piqued enough that they come inside to find out more. This is especially great for general banners which explain what your business is about, or special event banners advertising a sale or a particular offer that you have available inside.

At a local networking event

If you go to a networking even for local businesses, consider asking them if you would be able to put up a roller banner for the duration of the event. This is all about networking, after all, and you want to be seen. More people are likely to want to come and talk to you about your business, and the ones that don’t get a chance to will still take in the message on your banner. It’s a great way to advertise yourself to fellow business owners who might well become customers in the future if they have need of your goods or services.

Inside your premises

You might think that people who have already wandered into your shop or office already know what they want, and whether they will buy it. But the truth is, these people are ready for another little push to get them to buy, or to spend more than they had planned. You can use this space to remind them about a service or product which not everyone may know about, or to showcase a best-seller. It’s also great for upcoming events and sales, to let them know when they need to come back. This could be your final step towards conversion. You won’t believe how many customers will approach you mentioning that they have just seen your sign, and would you be able to tell them more about it?


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