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Starting at only £19.99 with FREE delivery, roller banners are free-standing advertising graphics which can be rolled up for storage. Below, you will find everything you need to know about roller banners. (NOTE BANNER BELOW IS NOT £19.99)


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The Different Types Of Roller Banner

The Grasshopper Roller Banner - The Grasshopper is our best selling product, low cost but high photo quality visual impact. A good quality, free standing graphic presentation system. At only 4kg`s when complete it is easy to transport, erects in seconds and with the durable aluminium structure benefiting from having two twist out feet, it is very stable when presented.

The Orient Roller Banner (Mid Range) - This is the professional end of the banner stand market, where style really plays an important part in your display. With no need for twist out feet, this is the perfect solution for a compact display with a classy finish.

Grasshopper Roller Banner (From £39.99)

grass 1

  • Visible print area of 800x2000mm
  • Incredible Print Quality ( 1440dpi )
  • Printed on a 150 micron Light Stop Media
  • Scuff resistant laminate applied to face
  • Fixed Height Bungee pole
  • Price includes Graphic, Unit & Canvas carrier


We only provide high resolution / photographic quality scuff resistant prints onto a light stop media, this means that you cannot see through the graphic, a lot of the cheaper manufacturers use a standard PVC ,or even paper in some cases, which you will be able to see through or the graphic will tear. If you would like more information on The Grasshopper Roller Banner you can find it here [Read More ...]

Instant Grasshopper Roll Up System Quote  Artwork Guidelines  Technical Spec

1000x2000mm Artwork Guidelines

Orient Roller Banner (From £74.99)

  • Visible print area of 800x2110mm
  • Incredible Print Quality ( 1440dpi )
  • Printed on a 150 micron Light Stop Media
  • Scuff resistant laminate applied to face
  • Fixed Height Bungee pole
  • Price includes Graphic, Unit & Canvas carrier


We only provide high resolution / photographic quality scuff resistant prints onto a light stop media, this means that you cannot see through the graphic, a lot of the cheaper manufacturers use a standard PVC ,or even paper in some cases, which you will be able to see through or the graphic will tear. If you would like more information on The Orient Roller Banner you can find it here [Read More ...]

Instant Orient Roll Up System Quote  Artwork Guidelines  Technical Spec

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Useful Articles On Roller Banners

Why Use Roller Banners To Promote Your Business?

Roller Banners can be used in place of all kinds of advertising displays. If you take a go down any high street you will see roller banners outside shops, in shop windows, in supermarkets next to promotions and special deals and on stalls in shopping centres and market places. [Read More ...]

I Need Some Design Inspiration To Create My Roller Banner!

We know how sometimes even a designer can get stuck for ideas when it comes to designing a roller banner, at Roller Banners Cheap we can not only offer design tips but supply you with roller banner templates and guidelines to follow when designing your roller banner. [Read More ...]

How Is My Roller Banner Printed?

Curious about how we print our roller banners? The roller banner printing process  offers an extensive range of colours so that your roller banner will look smart and professional as well as being eye catching to attract those all-important customers to your stand. [Read More ...]


More Useful Information On Roller Banners

Roller Banners – Most Popular On The Market!

Roller banners are now one of the most popular and commonly used types of advertising display on the market, predominantly because of the cost effectiveness of the product, but also because of the high resolution graphics and text a good quality roller banner can sustain. Roller banners are incredibly cheap when compared to more traditional types of advertising display, though at Roller Banners Cheap we understand that price should not compromise quality, which is the reason each type of banner we offer is printed to a resolution of 1440dpi, regardless of which style of system you choose to go for. All of our banners are printed on lightweight PVC substrate, which allows the banners increased flexibility and durability, which makes these roller banners incredibly hardwearing. Due to the simple design of roller banners they can pretty much be used for any situation, both indoors and out.

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Roller Banners Are Durable

Not only do roller banners have a scratch and scuff resistant coating which helps to increase the lifespan of the advertising displays, at Roller Banners Cheap we also print our banners using waterproof and weatherproof inks. With the light stop technology applied to our PVC substrate these banners can stop light obscuring your high quality graphics and text, but the inks also allow the banner to be used in pretty much any weather. Although waterproof inks are essential to stop the inks from running into one another when Britain’s weather turns bad, the weatherproof properties of the inks we use helps to stop your vibrant graphic displays from fading when the sun returns again.

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Low Quality’ At Roller Banners Cheap

At Roller Banners Cheap we want you to have the best quality products available on the market today, which is why we make our banners using a specific PVC substrate and inks to produce our roller banners, but it doesn’t end there. We believe a good quality, high resolution advertising display should also come with a good quality, durable stand. This is why we use aluminium to create the stands and supports for our roller banners. Aluminium is one of the most lightweight metal compounds on the market today, which makes it perfect for a portable advertising display like a roller banner. But this is not the only reason it is used. Aluminium is relatively unique in the fact it has excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. This is because when the metal is exposed to air it forms a layer of aluminium oxide which prevents any further corrosion even when in contact with rain and other types of precipitation. Because aluminium is so lightweight it makes roller banners so simple and easy to set up and transport.

Our Roller Banners Can Save You Money

Roller banners are incredibly efficient on manpower and transportation costs. As well as being very cheap to produce, roller banners are becoming more and more popular due to the simple design and small size when not on display. Roller banners come compacted into a small housing cassette which makes them incredibly simple to carry from one place to another. The whole package is about the same size as a large roll of tin foil, which means a single person can easily transport the banner to the place it needs to be. No longer is an advertising display a task for a number of people, with roller banners a whole display containing a number of banners can be set up by one person in a matter of minutes. When it comes to transportation, a large vehicle is no longer necessary as a small car boot will hold enough banners for pretty much any type of display. The small, compact design also means that you can store a number of banners on a shelf in a storeroom, with little chance of damage.

Roller Banners Cheap Let You Have Control Over Your Banner Design

Our website features a downloadable template which you can use to get your banner looking exactly as you want it before you ask for it to be commissioned. We want to make sure our customers are one hundred percent happy with the product we provide and so our template allows you to customise and reposition your graphics and text until you are totally satisfied with the way the finished product will look. The template indicated parts of the banner that might be obscured by the stand or the housing cassette so your potential customers can clearly understand the message you are trying to get across. This also allows you to use more than one banner for a single design. If you are looking for a larger, horizontal display, your design can be spread across a number of banners. If you use a number of templates positioned together, you can ensure that your graphics and text spread seamlessly from one to the next. This way when you commission your banners to be printed, once you receive the finished product you can set up all of the banners side by side to form an excellent exhibition display stand.

Roller Banners Can Be Made To Suit Almost Any Budget

Although the Grasshopper and the Orient are our two most popular designs, they are not the only cost effective advertising displays on the market. These two banners are made to a high quality, with sleek designs and high quality prints that give a really professional first impression. These banners make up our mid-range selection. We also produce high quality budget and cheap roller banner designs which are simpler but just as easy to use. We also provide large pop up advertising displays which can be used in a situation where you need to have a big impression on your audience. For more information on our budget, cheap and pop up ranges, please click on the relevant tabs at the top of the page.


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